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outdoor chair
    Outdoor chair is a kind of outdoor products for passers-by to rest, for the park district, a large playground, shopping malls and other public places, with the development of the times, outdoor chair has entered the most small and medium-sized city, the city has become a beautiful scenery line, bring convenience to people, make the environment more harmonious.
    Back to the Han when the incoming North huchuang. Dunhuang cave murals have 285 images of two people sitting in a chair; and sit cross leg benches Fangdeng 257 cave murals in women; Longmen lotus cave stone stool there sat women. These images vividly depicts the use of the northern and Southern Dynasties chair, stool in Shihuan aristocratic family in. Although the Zuoju has a chair, stool shape, but because without a chair, stool title, it is also used to call "Hu Chuang", in the temple, commonly used in meditation, Zen is also known as the bed. After the Tang Dynasty, the use of chairs gradually increased, the name of the chair has also been widely used, only separated from the bed category. Therefore, the origin of covered chair, stool, we must talk about the Han the huchuang.
    There are many kinds of outdoor chairs:
    A. steel feet, made of steel plate or steel stamping and welding and bending, the feet of the chair with shape, very high and varied styles of simple modern style, the steel structure surface by pickling phosphating spray, appearance quality and anticorrosion ability increased.
    B. cast iron feet, mostly gray cast iron manufacturing, there are also some malleable cast iron (upgrade product of white cast iron), stable and generous, durable, multi style European style, now with modern elements. Products are more fashionable, the most commonly used for such products, outdoor anti-corrosion rust resistant ability is very strong.
    C. aluminum feet, precision casting and permanent mold casting process, the product of delicate and beautiful appearance, not only lose iron feet steady, and has a steel foot light concise, but because of the high prices, the public rarely see traces of it.
    D. marble feet, special chair legs, large volume, made of marble or granite (a granite) processing, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor use year-round.

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